My Good Brother Heaven Razah is one of the few rappers in the game who I consider family. He was rocking heavy in the 90′s with Wu-Tang and Sunz of Man, and then in the new millennium he showcased his skills on arguably the best Wu-Tang album of the past decade Ghostface Killah‘s Supreme Clientele and teamed up with Tragedy Khadafi, Killah Priest and Timbo King to form Black Market Militia and drop a gem of an album in 2005 Razah continued to grow lyrically and ended up releasing one of the great HipHop albums of the 2000′s – Renaissance child – in 2007.

Then right after finishing his follow up album titled HEAVEN RAZAH, out of no where he had a brain aneurysm and ended up in a coma. Doctors didn’t even know if he’d survive and if he came out of the coma they weren’t sure if he’d be able to talk or walk or ever function properly again.

Although He wasn’t able to perform the song for this video yet this is the first footage of Razah being seen by the public since his emergency hospitalization. Timbo King and I ran through the streets spreading the word and filmed a big part of Razah’s verse that way. And the director shot footage of his recovery stage at home. He’s doing great. It’s a beautiful thing.

As far as the media, I know a lot of floks personally in the so-called HipHop media circles and when Razah’s album was first dropping I told Razah’s wife I’d hit up my contacts at press and see who would support the project. I got at everybody and let them all know about Razah’s situation and status and how he was fucked up in a coma with a wife and kids and hospital bills. I sent the story around in e-mails and let everyone know not only was his new album a banger but the proceeds of the sales would help his family and medical expenses. These so-called writers are eating off the culture and here is Razah; a true voice of HipHop, I figured the HipHop media and community would gladly spread the word.

NOT ONE so-called HIPHOP journalist that I reached out to NOT ONE of them covered the story. I guess it wasn’t trendy enough. Magazines will put HipHop mockery’s like Kreashawn on their covers and not even give a true master of the craft with an unbelievable life story in a terrible situation not one sentence in their publications.

For the GOOD NEWS:
A few weeks back me, Prodigal Son and Pro Ball player Amal McCaskill drove down to PA to visit Razah and he was doing amazing considering the situation. He made an unbelievable recovery and learned how to talk again, in fact he’s already writing rhymes, he’s walking and he’s slowly getting back to being himself. Keep Heaven Razah and his family in your prayers.

Hell Razah a.k.a. Heaven Razah:
Renaissance ’76, some say heavenly sent
My pitch got my enemies sick
Now I’m back, independent as Prince, a young black industry pimp
That’ll flip, more money that’s spent
More flows for your memory chip
When I empty a clip, I don’t miss like the Kennedy hit
I’m Max Julian, a millionaire mind inside a hooligan
Got chicks that’s Peruvian that slip toolies in
Clubs and parties, the project Marcus Garvey
Turn the hood to the woods or a dark safari
Spit game that’s older than a black Atari
Or I could upgrade quicker than a fast Ferrari
Still denim and Goretex, but more or less I’m ready for war vets
No rolex or homo-sex, I rode off jets
I slept with the ‘Tec in my polo vest
Go back like a Memorex tape cassette
But still I rep my project back of the F
Red Hook got ‘em shook up, gaspin’ for breath
Haunt niggas on the third day after my death
Amazing grace, I ain’t with the bathing apes
A&Rs wanna hate, try to tell me to wait,
Put out a mixtape, don’t make me spit in your face
Put this 40 to your head, make you dig in the safe
I’m the great Constantine, I conquer kings
I’m a renaissance child from my father’s genes
Like Joseph interpretin’ the pharaoh’s dream
Man, business affairs better have my cream
Now the white man plan is to have my queen
I seen bosses with Maybelline on,
Got sick of hearing Brook-nam needed a theme song
I’m reborn, I’m back now, getting my eat on.
It’s Heaven Razah so be gone

R.A. The Rugged Man:
Your physician got you worse than crackheads
Man with the plan, get you needing them damn meds
The corporations, controlling the airwaves
They own your brain, you ain’t nothing but their slaves
The feds reading your Twitters and your Facebooks
They be tapping your cells, tracking your smells, put you back in your cells
On TV every politician flip flop, and it don’t stop
Amateur porn sites, bitches lick cock
Planned parenthood, their basis:
the sterilization of so-called genetically inferior races
Nazis using eugenics to kill black babies
Who better, me and Heaven Razah take it back to the 80s
The boom-bip putting it back into rap
Stolen cop car, hop in the back, poppin a cap, they ain’t lockin the cat,
Rocking the track, cocking it back, hip-hop
I’m the doctor operating, never dropping it wack
The white house digging through your emails
Entertainment industry run by homosexual she-males
The climate change is irrelevant
The global warming fear mongers tryin’a bring in the world government
Government poison it’s own with chemicals
Human beings bein’ born with horns and tentacles
The program keeping you in your damn hood
Mentally raping you and taking your manhood
Lon Chaney the phantom, abandon your plan and examine the famine
Helping you prepare and I’m sharing awareness
I’m caring, I’m blam-blam’ing the canon like Yosemite Sam
The Sunz of Man and the Wu-Tang Clan and the Rugged Man
As a kid, I wasn’t interested in Transformers
Wanted to be like Rambo and shoot rocket launchers
Public relations creations, rappers that are free masons,
Kissing dick for initiations, These are iffy situations….


Also if you never heard the first joint me and RAZAH ever did together, it was an all time Underground Classic also featuring Q.B. legend TRAGEDY KHADAFI, Wu-Tang affiliate TIMBO KING.

HeavenRazah and his family along with Amal McCaskill, Prodigal Son and R.A. the Rugged Man:



    November 1, 2011 (22:59) Reply

    Yo RA! This verse you spit is some serious ill shit man! Mad propps!!

  2. Si

    November 1, 2011 (23:35) Reply

    Great to see Razah back and looking well, awesome track to come back with! :)

  3. Chrisinthestudio

    November 2, 2011 (00:33) Reply

    When you work on as many records as I have over the years a lot of them fall to the wayside of your memory. Its always interesting to me years later when I read the reviews and crytical acclaim for certain projects and like wise see the ones that I really thought would do better get overlooked. Working on Razah’s early stuff I was always of the mind set that something special was happening both lyrically and musically. Developing a sound on projects like that come naturally when those two elements jive (no pun intended) right together. It was always a pleasure working with Razah and his entire crew and when he got on the mic the entire studio was instantly, “in the zone”.

  4. King ART

    February 9, 2012 (17:17) Reply

    This is straight heat! Welcome back Razah… Fuck a media mogul and their damn hype hungry bullshit. Y’all are tha truth! Thanks for posting the lyrics. Peace from Austin, TX.

    -King ART

  5. Ayatollah

    February 9, 2012 (21:48) Reply

    Without the mind, the body dies. Get well Razah.

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