What’s up, people. Welcome to my new website. Not only am I one of the worlds hardest working HipHop artists and a boxing enthuisiast but I’m also a FilmMaker (Producer, Director and Screenwriter) and a total Movie Nerd Historian. While writing for Mass Appeal Magazine I had the opportunity to interview one of my all time favorite Modern Movie Directors the great DAVID CRONENBERG. I figured I’d post it up here so if you get a chance check it out. 

David Cronenberg’s Filmography:
RABID 1977
THE FLY 1986
CRASH 1996

R.A. the Rugged Man: So many edgy directors turn into pussies with age. How in your 60′s do you continue to be such a sick fuck?
David Cronenberg: (Laughs) Well, thank you. That’s a big compliment. I guess it’s in my nature. Getting older, certain things I used to be obsessed with cease to interest me, Still it seems what I’m left with is nasty stuff. It’s not a matter of will it just seems to be the way it’s going.

Out of all the outrageous images you put on the screen, what scene caused the most controversy?
In “Crash (1996)” when James Spader, the male lead kisses Elias Koteas, anothe male lead. We seen movies where guys kiss guys but in the context it freaked people out because Spader plays a womanizer, and the male audience were identifying with him and then he’s suddenly have sex with another man and at that kiss, guys would walk out dragging their dates with them.

What do you think of the bullshit-ass 2004 movie that stole the title of “Crash”?
That did upset me. I thought it was really disrespectful, not just to me but to J.G. Ballard who wrote the book. It’s interesting, in France where my movie is much revered they refused to call the other movie Crash. They renamed it “Collision” and I like that.

What is the creepiest Scientific or Biological fact that you know of?
The tissues from people who have died of specific diseases are being kept in containers in labs around the world and are continuing to grow even after the people who they originally came from have died. That’s creepy and it does exist.

I heard at first you weren’t happy with the sexual performances in “A History Of Violence” so to show how it’s done , you had sex with your wife in front of the entire crew.
There’s no truth to that. Viggo, Maria and I were bored at a press conference, so we made that up. It was a joke. I wish I had the endurance to do that. The story was i had to do it over and over again to show Viggo and Maria the right way.

Incase you didnt know, Your film “The Brood” is one of the Greatest movies ever made.
Uh, well, who’s saying that? You?
Yes, that is an R.A. the Rugged Man Film Fact.
I love hearing that. It was made with great passion and intensity on my part, in a weird way, it’s probably the most autobiographical movie i ever made, so if it has that honor I, would accept that.

Why do you think so many film snob types give props to “Dead Ringers” but don’t acknowledge your other classic films like “Rabid” and “The Brood”?
It’s the genre ghetto- Brood and Rabid are in the horror film ghetto. Dead Ringers isn’t an easily identified genre. It’s more, in a sense, realistic. For people who need movies to be legitimized, that might be why. It’s easy to dismiss a horror film as being inferior just because it’s a horror film.

Are you aware that several Rappers including Jay-Z and Redman reference the head exploding scene in “Scanners” in their Lyrics?
I didn’t know that. I’m very ignorant about rap. I have to confess, but that’s great to hear.

What is Popping out of Marilyn Chambers armpit in “Rabid”?
It’s a functional blood-sucking device. I invented stem cell stuff in that movie, taking skin and neutralizing it so it doesnt know it’s skin. It becomes universal tissue that can develop into any kind of human tissue. In Rabid, it had a brain of it’s own, it decided Marilyn needed blood to survive, so it developed into an instrument that could suck blood, like a vampire fang.

What’s the strangest shit you ever did sexually in real life – something that might be similar to one of your films?
(laughs) You think I’m gonna tell you? I might tell you privately but not publicly.

Didnt Scorcese try to say something like “Cronenberg doesnt understand what his own movies aree about?” What the hell is he talking about?
Marty is a Catholic. He still flies with the Bible clutched in his hands and for him, my movies suggested the Apocalypse and ultimate evil in the religious sense. I’m an Atheist, so my interpretation would be very different from his, but the films still scared the hell out of him, which he liked.

You should’ve told him “hey, Marty, I made these God damn movies, I think I know what theyr’e about just a bit more than you”

I would never say that because if you make a movie, if it’s a really organic living creature it takes on it’s own life and it will surprise you even with the meaning it has for some people. So i think it’s legitimate to say something like that.

I keep reading how commercial “A History of Violence” is compared to your other work and i don’t agree. It doesn’t feel any more commercial to me. It feels like your other films.

Well, it feels the same to me. I agree. I read somebody saying, “Oh my God, has Cronenberg suddenly become relevant again?” and i laughed. All it means is it has a studio behind it willing to push it and more prints being made. The only thing I can figure is the characters are more accessible- they’re more “normal mainstreem characters.” Usually I have strange characters who live on the margins of society, so in that sense you can say it’s more mainstream, i guess. But mainstream is not a creative category, it’s a marketing category.

Mainstream is just whatever they pump money behind and advertise the shit out of.

That’s exactly right.

One Last Question. What movies in your life do you think influenced you the most as a filmmaker?

“La Dolce Vita”.

Fellini is the fuckin man.

Yes. La Dolce Vita is a huge influence even though nothing I’ve done looks or talks like that movie. It was political, it was scandalous in it’s time, it was sexual, it was shocking and at the same time, it was very popular and had a huge cultural influence. I thought if thats what filmmaking is, maybe thats something i oughta get into.


  1. comandantecee

    July 11, 2011 (17:29) Reply

    Fucking yes, Cronenberg!
    One of the illest directors ever!
    Dead Ringers
    Eastern Promises
    Too many to name, dope interview R.A.

  2. Greg

    July 14, 2011 (06:35) Reply

    I’ll admit, I didn’t know the same director did Scanners/Dead Ringers and Eastern Promises/History of Violence. Cue the “more you know…”music.

    • Kaylyn

      August 26, 2011 (15:19) Reply

      This atricle is a home run, pure and simple!

  3. Clark Nova

    July 15, 2011 (21:41) Reply

    Cronenberg is a genius! Thanks for posting this interview.

  4. B-Stank

    July 15, 2011 (21:47) Reply

    Great shit! I agree…THE BROOD is one of the sickest movies ever!

    And the “pussy-face/Jedi Mind Trick” scene in BAD BIOLOGY is fucking brilliant!!

  5. Eyes and Teeth

    July 18, 2011 (18:45) Reply

    Great interview! Cronenberg is one of our finest directors. Great questions!
    You should interview Warner Herzog next!

  6. Flatline

    July 28, 2011 (05:20) Reply

    Great interview R.A. (I’ve seen most of his films…Naked Lunch, A History Of Violence and Eastern Promises are three of my favorites)

    “You should’ve told him “hey, Marty, I made these God damn movies, I think I know what theyr’e about just a bit more than you””…..awesome.

    P E A C E

  7. Caligula

    August 15, 2011 (19:50) Reply

    I would never have guessed that Cronenberg was inspired by La Dolce Vita. Great Interview. Videodrome shifted my entire perception of horror movies as a genre.

  8. Trevor Cunnington

    December 13, 2011 (22:17) Reply

    I haven’t seen the Brood or Rabid, but my favourite movie by Cro is Videodrome. Good interview though.

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