Sway Interviews R.A. The Rugged Man On Shade 45


R.A. The Rugged Man‘s new album Legends Never Die dropped in April, but the controversy surrounding the album hasn’t subsided. Recently, Sway Calloway of Sirius XM’s Sway In The Morning show came across the Legends Never Die bonus track “Make You Famous” and called up the Rugged Man to discuss the controversial song.  As R.A. explains in the interview, “Make You Famous” is an attack on our modern-day celebrity-obsessed culture. “We live in a society where it doesn’t matter if you have talent…it’s the more popular, celebrity person that will always get the recognition over true talent.” R.A. goes on to cite Ke$ha, Kim Kardashian, and Justin Timberlake as examples of marginally-talented celebrities who get attention more for their fame and looks than for their actual abilities.

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